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Annie …Desiree here. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my hair. I always love what you do to my hair so THANK YOU. It’s the one thing I so look forward to - a visit to you. Your energy, your positive attitude and amazing atmosphere of your shop and your enthusiastic and pleasant staff. Take care – have a lovely weekend…and keep trucking – you’re absolutely awesome xx

One of the most thorough and relaxing massages I’ve ever gotten. The wash bay amazing. I almost fell asleep…


Anneline is a brilliant stylist and getting your hair washed here is a wonderous experience.

Great service Sonia and Orquidea From Madelena

Not only were the staff exceptionally friendly, but the service was impeccable too!!!! From the minute I walked in, right up until I left... Absolutely impressed!! I've never left a salon feeling so valued as a customer!!! The end result to my hair was fabulous and I didn't feel the need to change a thing!!! .... Will definitely be back soon!!!! :) Keep up the excellent vibe ladies ;) - Marcelle